Wide Range of Projects

Easily design or evaluate existing concrete or post-tensioned beams, slabs (one and two way), waffle joists, pan joists and continuous beam frame systems.

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Interactive Model Definition

Create geometry with easy-to-use model input dialogs for definition of span geometry, materials, boundary conditions, loading, analysis/design criteria, tendon/rebar information and many more.

Exhaustive Design and Reporting Capabilities

Evaluate existing slabs or quickly optimize new concrete elements for all applicable criteria while producing quantity take-offs, complete detailed reports, schedules and elevation views with rebar and tendon profiles.

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Choosing between ADAPT-PT/RC and ADAPT-Builder?

Whatever your concrete design needs are, there is an ADAPT software for you. Compare packages and get started.

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A Workhorse for Every PT Project

Whether investigating beams or designing two-way slabs, ADAPT-PT/RC is the first choice for all post-tensioned projects.

Straightforward and Reliable

Ease of use and a short learning curve make this the software of choice for both novice and expert users designing post-tensioned beam and slab projects.

Robust Code Support

Design reinforced concrete and post-tensioned slab elements according to a variety of international design codes including ACI, CSA, EC and NBR standards.

Advanced Analysis Capabilities

Utilize Equivalent Frame Method to analyze post-tensioned concrete elements while incorporating cracked deflection, losses, elongation, moment redistribution and secondary effects.

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ADAPT-PT/RC Support Resources

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Whether you are new to ADAPT-PT/RC or consider yourself an expert, we have resources available to improve your efficiency and advance your understanding. Take advantage of our videos, tips and tutorials and product guides.

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