Current Version: 2.1.1

What’s New in Version 2

RISASection includes the ability to import your shape into RISA-3D for a full design code check. This release also includes dxf shape importing. Learn More

Making Complex Sections Simple

RISASection allows the user to define any type of complex cross section either by combining standard shapes or by defining new shapes. Multiple materials are permitted in the same section. RISASection calculates all the section properties, including the torsion constant. Sections created in RISASection may be used in RISA-3D, RISA-2D and RISAFloor.

RISASection includes many powerful editing features such as automatic stacking and aligning, unlimited UNDOs, as well as the ability to create beautiful reports with cross section graphics and much more. The program supports imperial and metric units. When creating shapes you can use the convenient “snap-to-grid” grid, or specify the coordinates of each shape directly. Of course, comprehensive online help is also included.

RISASection In-Depth

RISASectionRISASection calculates typical section properties for multi-material, built-up structural sections. Use the built-in database of standard concrete, hot rolled and cold formed steel sections, or modify standard shapes to create your own. Calculates transformed section properties for composite sections, including torsional constant. Export to RISA-3D, RISA-2D and RISAFloor.

RISASection Features:

  • Powerful align, stack and rotate tools
  • Directly edit section dimensions or use the “snap-to-grid” function
  • Import shape from a DXF file or select from an extensive database of shape types
  • Powerful calculation engine
  • English or metric units
  • Versatile reporting options
  • Multiple materials in the same section
  • Sections can be imported into RISA-3D, RISA-2D and RISAFloor to perform a code check

RISASection 2.0 Specifications

Modeling Features

  • Quick model creation using DXF import
  • One click section creation using drag-and-drop selection from shape databases
  • Organize multiple sections on a project into one file
  • Modify dimensions graphically in an interactive 2D view
  • Quick and easy model manipulation with the alignment and stacking snap tools
  • Material and Shape Type designation for designing the shape within RISA-3D, RISAFloor and RISA-2D
  • Support for multiple imperial and metric unit systems
  • On-the-fly unit conversions
  • Unlimited Undo option

Graphics Features

  • 360° rendered section view
  • Dynamic zoom and scroll
  • True to scale images
  • Material color coding for multi-material sections
  • Units toggle display
  • Drag and drop manipulation of sections

Database Features

  • Shape selection options:
    • Hot Rolled steel
    • Cold Formed steel
    • Concrete
  • Built up sections include back-to-back and face-to-face options
  • Access to the Hot Rolled Steel database for quick addition of common shapes
  • Multiple Hot Rolled Steel databases include AISC, Canadian, Chinese, and many more

Analysis Features

  • Calculate more than 25 properties with a single click
  • Calculate torsional properties including Cw, Wno, Sw, Qf, and Qw
  • Merge tool enables a built up section to produce a more accurate torsional J calculation
  • Designate a specific Hot Rolled steel shape type for design results when exported to RISA-3D,RISAFloor and RISA-2D
  • Specify the material’s relative weight using the Property Multiplier
  • Create a void using a negative Property Multiplier
  • Comprehensive section property calculations geared towards engineers

Results Features

  • Complete integration with RISA-3D,RISAFloor & RISA-2D
  • Export the shape to RISA-3D,RISAFloor and RISA-2D for member code checks
  • Reports include all dimensional variables for individual shapes as well as the built up section
  • Create custom reports using the Report Generator Wizard
  • Include multiple model views within the printed report

General Features

  • Optimized for Windows XP (32-bit) and Windows Vista/7/8 (32 & 64-bit)
  • Program technical support provided by professional engineers
  • Technical support provided for the current version at no cost

Calculated Properties

Property Label Description
Total Width and Height Total overall width and height of the section.
Centroid, Xo Horizontal distance from the global X-axis origin to the centroid of the section.
Centroid, Yo Vertical distance from the global Y-axis origin to the centroid of the section.
X-bar (Right and Left) Distance from the centroid of the section to the extreme right and left fiber.
Y-bar (Top and Bot) Distance from the centroid of the section to the extreme top and bottom fiber.
Area, Ax Total area of the section.
Inertia, Ixx and Iyy Moment of inertia about the global X and Y axes.
Inertia, Ixy Polar moment of inertia.
Torsional J Torsion constant.
Sx (Top and Bot) Elastic section modulus of the extreme top and bottom fibers.
Sy (Left and Right) Elastic section modulus of the extreme left and right fibers.
rx and ry Radius of gyration about x and y.
Plastic Zx and Zy Plastic section modulus about x and y.
Max Thick Maximum thickness of the section.
Flange Thick Thickness of the flange.
Web Thickness Thickness of the web.
Leg Thickness Thickness of the leg of a single angle.
Space Space in between the back to back legs of a double angle.
Thickness Wall thickness (such as for a tube or pipe section).
As-xx Def Shear deformation factor about the xx axis.
As-yy Def Shear deformation factor about the yy axis.
As-xx Stress Shear stress factor about the xx axis.
As-yy Stress Shear stress factor about the yy axis.
Shear Center, Xs Horizontal distance from the global X-axis origin to the shear center.
Shear Center, YS Vertical distance from the global Y-axis origin to the shear center.
eo Distance from the outside web of a channel to the shear center.
ro Polar radius of gyration about the shear center.
rT Radius of gyration of a portion of the section including the upper flange plus 1/3 of the web area, taken about the X axis.
rZ radious of gyration about the Z axis (principal axes for single angles).
Cw Warping constant for the section.
Wno Normalized warping function at a point on the flange edge.
Sw Warping statical moment.
Qf Statical moment of the flange.
Qw Statical moment of the cross section.
Total Width (Top) Tapered wide flange top flange width.
Total Width (Bot) Tapered wide flange bottom flange width.
Flange Thick (Top) Tapered wide flange top flange thickness.
Flange Thick (Bot) Tapered wide flange bottom flange thickness.

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