Current Version: 10.0.1

What’s New in Version 10

RISAConnection version 10 incorporates updates according to AISC 360-16 (15th Edition) including changes to HSS provisions as well as improved design for column webs subject to out-of-plane loading.
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The Ultimate Solution for Connection Design

RISAConnection provides a comprehensive steel connection design with the aid of a 3D model. RISAConnection aids in your calculations, giving you full control of the connection type and components and the speed to change the connection with a flip of the switch.

RISAConnection takes the complexity out of calculations by listing explicitly the calculations and the code check values. Review your results in an easy-to-read report or inspect the connection in a 2D shop drawing-style drawing.

RISAConnectionRISAConnection Features

RISAConnection Rendered ViewRISAConnection allows you to quickly build steel connections using a quick connection dialog box with pictures and descriptions.

Review your connection in an interactive 2-dimensional picture or view it fully rendered in 3D. The rendered view allows you to rotate 360 degrees to see the entire connection.

In RISAConnection, you can use the AISC 360-16 for either ASD or LRFD design to check any size connection. The RISAConnection output has fully comprehensive engineering calculations with code references, making it easy to understand the code check.

RISAConnection Output Calculation

RISAConnection v10 Specifications

Graphics Features

  • 360° Rendered connection views
  • 2D shop drawing style views of every piece including dimensions
  • Dynamic zoom, pan, rotate and scroll
  • True to scale renderings
  • Color coding for each piece
  • Update dimensions directly on your drawing

Connection Types

  • Beam to Column Connections (web and flange)
  • Beam to Girder Connections
  • Clip Angle Shear Connection (both double and single)
  • End-Plate Shear Connection
  • Shear Tab Connection (conventional and extended)
  • End-Plate Moment Connection
  • Flange Plate Moment Connection
  • HSS Column Moment Connections
  • Custom Connection Labeling
  • Chevron Vertical Brace Connection
  • Diagonal Vertical Brace Connection
  • HSS Vertical Brace Connections:
    • Slotted
    • Knife plate
    • End Tee
  • HSS "T" Connection
  • Beam End Plate Splice Connection
  • Beam Flange Plate Splice Connection
  • Column Shear Tab Splice Connection
  • Direct Weld Splice Connection
  • Direct Weld Beam to Column Moment Connection
  • Column Web & Flange Stiffener Design
  • Extended End Plate Moment Connection
  • Full Depth Shear Tab Connection
  • Base Plate Connection (WF, Tube, Pipe)
  • Brace into Base Plate Connection
  • Knee Brace (Kicker) Connection
  • Thin Plate Moment considerations per AISC Design Guide 16

General Features

  • Compatible with Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-bit Windows)
  • Program technical support provided by Professional Engineers

Modeling Features

  • Support for multiple imperial and metric unit systems
  • On-the-fly unit conversions
  • Instant synchronization between spreadsheets and graphics
  • Create new connections by copying existing
  • Unlimited Undo option
  • Modify dimensions interactively in 2D views
  • Organize multiple connections on a project within one file
  • One-click connection creation with pictures and descriptions
  • Automatic beam coping (web and flanges)
  • Group connections by type when transferring your end forces from RISA-3D & RISAFloor
  • Customizable loading and integrated loading with RISA-3D and RISAFloor

Results Features

  • Detailed display of equations for all failure modes
  • Color coded reports with “Pass” or “Fail” and unity check displayed
  • Reports include all dimensional variables
  • Expand or collapse design checks for each connection report
  • Use a custom logo on reports
  • Export connection drawings via DXF
  • Print 2D and 3D connection views

Design & Analysis Features

  • Comprehensive calculations geared towards engineers
  • AISC 360-16/10/05 (15, 14 & 13th Edition): ASD & LRFD
  • AISC 341-10 Seismic Design
  • AISC 358-10 Seismic Design
  • CSA S16-14: LRFD
  • CSA S16-09: LRFD
  • Full library of AISC Wide Flange steel shapes
  • Both Instantaneous Center of Rotation and Elastic methods of bolt/weld analysis
  • Bolt hole deformation consideration
  • Instant results updates with input changes
  • Consideration of axial forces in both moment & shear connections

Integration Features

  • Complete input & results integration with RISA-3D
  • Complete input & results integration with RISAFloor
  • Complete input & results integration with Tekla Structures
  • Complete flexibility to detach an integrated model

RISAConnection Features

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RISAConnection Specifications

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RISA Integration

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