Current Version: 18.0.0

What’s New in Version 18

RISA-2D v18 includes strap/hold down design for wood shear walls, updates to AISC steel design and NDS wood design, as well as much more.
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Simple Structural Analysis Software Producing Powerful Results

RISA-2D is easy to learn, and powerful to use. With an intuitive interface and familiar spreadsheets, you can solve your next problem in minutes, not hours. Quickly analyze everything from simple beams and trusses to shear walls with openings. Break problems down to their basics and go.

Packed with the most current steel, concrete, cold-formed steel, and timber design codes, RISA-2D gives you the tools to tackle multi-material projects with confidence. Advanced features such as flexible design rules and a custom concrete Layout Editor allow the engineer to control the design, not just the program.

Review your results for the entire model graphically, or view member detail reports to see analysis results and design calculations (including sketches with rebar callouts) for each member.

RISA-2D Features

The one that started it all, RISA-2D is general purpose two-dimensional analysis and design software that makes engineering 2D structures quick and easy. RISA-2D’s powerful graphical modeling capabilities, flexible generation tools and detailed proprietary spreadsheets help you rapidly model, solve and optimize structures with any combination of materials.

RISA-2DA State-of-the-Art Interface

Our multiple view interface, advanced selection and drawing tools, and spreadsheet features continue to be the best in the business.

Powerful Analysis and Design

With RISA-2D, you can rapidly design frames, trusses, continuous beams, walls and everything in between.

Interactive Modeling

RISA-2D modelThe strength of RISA-2D is its truly interactive interface. With model editing, solving and results browsing in the same interface, you’re able to do real-time error checking of your data, and rapidly create, solve, modify and optimize your model.

Top-notch Presentation of Results

Both graphical and numerical visualization capabilities let you get presentation quality results quickly and easily.

RISA-2D v18 Specifications

Modeling Features

  • Comprehensive CAD-like drawing/editing environment: draw, generate, modify and load elements as well as snap, move, rotate, copy, mirror, scale, split, merge, mesh, delete, apply, etc.
  • Versatile drawing grids (orthogonal, radial, skewed)
  • Universal snaps and object snaps allow drawing without grids
  • Powerful graphic select/unselect tools including box, line, polygon, invert, criteria, spreadsheet based, save/recall selections with locking
  • True spreadsheet editing with cut, paste, fill, math, sort, find, etc.
  • Open multiple spreadsheets simultaneously
  • Dynamic synchronization between spreadsheets and graphics
  • Constant in-stream error checking and data validation
  • Unlimited undo/redo capability, automatic timed backup
  • Generation templates for grids, disks, arcs, etc.
  • Sophisticated in-stream truss builder application; automatic creation of trusses of all kinds, with varying chord slopes, web patterns, etc.
  • Automatic generation of continuous beams
  • Support for all units systems & conversions at any time
  • Automatic interaction with RISASection custom shape libraries
  • Modification tools that modify single items or entire selections
  • Import and export DXF
  • Export to RISA-3D

Analysis Features

  • Accelerated true sparse solver for static analysis
  • Flexible modeling of P-Delta effects
  • Accelerated (Lanczos) and Ritz Vector Dynamics Solver
  • Multiple simultaneous dynamic and response spectra analysis using Gupta, CQC or SRSS mode combinations
  • True physical member modeling (members are aware of interior joints)
  • State-of-the-art 3 or 4 node plate/shell elements, plane stress option
  • Plate Thermal Loading
  • High end automatic mesh generation – draw a polygon with any number of sides to create a mesh of well formed quadrilateral (NO triangular) elements
  • Accurate analysis of tapered wide flanges - web, top and bottom flanges may all taper independently
  • Multiple simultaneous moving loads with standard AASHTO loads and custom moving loads for bridges, cranes, etc.
  • Automatic Top of Member offset modeling
  • Joint master-slave assignments
  • Enforced joint displacements
  • 1-Way members, for tension only bracing, slipping, etc.
  • 1-Way springs, for modeling soils and other effects
  • Euler members: Compression up to buckling load, then turn off
  • Story drift calculations provide relative drift and ratio to height
  • Automatic self-weight calculations for members and plates

Graphics Features

  • Unlimited simultaneous model view windows
  • “True to scale” rendering with translucency, even when drawing
  • High-speed redraw algorithm for instant refreshing
  • Dynamic zoom, pan, rotate, scroll, snap views
  • Font and Color Control
  • Saved views to quickly restore frequent or desired views
  • Full render or wire-frame animations of deflected model and dynamic mode shapes with frame and speed control
  • Animation of moving loads with speed controls
  • Distance tool for measuring between points
  • Force/moment summation about any arbitrary cut line

Design Codes

  • Steel Design Codes: AISC 360-10/05: ASD & LRFD, AISC 2nd & 3rd: LRFD, AISC 9th: ASD, CSA S16-14/09/05/01/CSA-S16.1-94, BS 5950-1: 2000, EN 1993-1-1:2014/2005, ENV 1993-1-1:1992, IS 800: 2007/1998, AS 4100-1998, NZS 3404: 1997
  • Concrete Design Codes: ACI 318-14/11/08/05/02/99, CSA A23.3-14/04/94, NTC-DF 2004, BS 8110-1: 1997, BS EN 1992-1-1: 2004+A1: 2014/2004, EN 1992-1-1:1992, IS 456: 2000, AS 3600-2001, NZS 3101: 1995, SBC 304-2007
  • Cold Formed Steel Design Codes: AISI S100-16/12/10/07: ASD & LRFD, AISI NAS-04/01: ASD & LRFD, AISI 1999: ASD & LRFD, CSA S136-16/12/10/07/04/01: LSD, CANACERO 16: ASD, CANACERO 12/10/07/04/01: ASD & LRFD
  • Aluminum Design Codes: AA ADM1-15/10: ASD & LRFD, AA ADM1-05: ASD
  • Wood Design Codes: AWC NDS-15/12: ASD, AF&PA NDS-08/05/01/97/91: ASD, CSA 086-14/09 Ultimate, Structural Composite Lumber, multi-ply, full sawn, Glulam, shear walls
  • Masonry Design Codes: TMS 402-16: ASD & Strength, ACI 530-13/11/08/05/02: ASD & Strength, ACI 530-99: ASD, UBC 1997: ASD & Strength
  • Stainless Steel Design Code: AISC 360-10: ASD & LRFD

Design Features

  • Designs/optimizes concrete, hot rolled & cold formed steel, wood, masonry and aluminum
  • Concrete design using cracked or uncracked sections
  • Masonry wall design for in-plane & bearing loads (with or w/o openings)
  • Program selected or user-defined rebar layouts for flexure and shear
  • Exact integration of concrete stress distributions using a rectangular stress block or a more accurate parabolic stress block
  • Concrete wall design, including in-plane, out-of-plane and bearing loads
  • Automatic spectra generation for ASCE 7, NBC, IS 1893, NTC
  • Extensive user controlled generation of load combinations: ASCE, UBC, IBC, BOCA, SBC, ACI, International
  • Intelligent unbraced length calculations for physical members
  • Tapered wide flange design with either ASD or LRFD codes
  • Optimization of member sizes for all materials and all design codes, controlled by standard or user-defined lists of available sizes and criteria such as maximum depths/widths, limiting code checks, deflection, etc.
  • Automatic calculation of custom shape properties and interaction with RISASection Shape Library
  • Steel Shapes: AISC, HSS, CAN, ARBED, AISC Historic & numerous foreign databases
  • Light Gage Shapes: AISI, SSMA, Dale/Incor, Dietrich, Marino\WARE
  • Wood Shapes: Complete NDS species/grade and Glulam database as well as user defined custom wood species
  • Complete wood wall design for bearing & shear walls. Choose from all three design methods: Segmented, Perforated & Force Transfer Around Openings

Results Features

  • Graphic presentation of color-coded results and plotted designs
  • Color contours of plate stresses and forces with quadratic smoothing, the contours may also be animated
  • Spreadsheet results with sorting of: reactions, member & joint deflections, beam & plate forces/stresses, optimized sizes, code designs, concrete reinforcing, material takeoffs, frequencies & mode shapes
  • Standard and user-defined reports
  • Graphic member detail reports with force/stress/deflection diagrams and detailed design calculations and expanded diagrams that display magnitudes at any dialed location

General Features

  • Compatible with Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-bit Windows)
  • Extensive customization options & user defaults
  • Program technical support provided by Professional Engineers

RISA-2D Features

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RISA-2D Specifications

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